How to Find a Hobby

A helpful guide for finding a new, fun activity. Hobbies are a great way to help you spice up your life.

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Find A Hobby that you’ll love.
Hobbies are fun, easy to handle, and stress-free actives that you can do in your free time.

If you’ve made it to this small corner of the internet, chances are you’re looking for something fun and exciting to fill your time. Maybe you’ve found yourself feeling stuck. Or perhaps you’re just looking for something to pass the time. Either way, hobbies are a great way to help you spice up your life. But how do you find one? Let’s talk about it.

What Exactly Is a Hobby?

Simply put, a hobby is an activity that you do in your free time for pleasure. It could range from anything from rock climbing to assembling jigsaw puzzles. And the best part about it is that anyone at any age can have one, from grade school to high school and beyond. Hobbies are for everyone.

Benefits of Having a Hobby

Several studies have shown that people who spend a lot of time doing what they want to do in their free time are overall happier and healthier, showing that having a hobby matters to your health.

But that’s not all that comes with having a little recreational fun. Below are a few great benefits that come from investing in a leisurely activity in your downtime.

Increased overall happiness. Hobbies come with many benefits, but one of the main benefits is improving your overall happiness. Especially if you’re working a dead-end job, making money for someone else. In this case, having something to take your mind off of things will help you feel better and might even inspire you onto a new path or make you feel better at work.

Improved mental health. Mental health is essential. And so, having something you can release your emotions into, like a hobby, is often therapeutic. Mental health goes hand in hand with improved overall happiness.

Enhanced physical health. Depending on the hobby you choose, it could enhance your overall physical health. Activities like sports, working out, hiking, and rock climbing will not only help you pass the time, they’ll also help you get into shape.

Lowers stress. Studies have shown that people who spend their time doing something they love tend to have lower stress levels than those who don’t. And there are specific hobbies designed to help lower your stress and keep you calm during stressful situations, like coloring or knitting.

Increased social circle. Notably, participating in certain activities will allow you to have a more meaningful social life (that is if you’re looking for one). If your hobby calls for getting out of the house, get ready to meet some new people and make some new friends.

Potential side hustle. Sometimes having a hobby turns into a full-on business. For example, someone who likes journaling may start a freelance writing business. Or someone who likes pottery might be able to sell their bowls on Etsy. There are many things you can do with a hobby.

How to Find a Hobby

We know that finding a hobby can sometimes be challenging, so the first bit of advice is to go easy on yourself. Give yourself a high five if you’re still with us. Don’t worry; we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Sometimes finding something you are passionate about comes with trial and error. You may go through many activities before you find one that’s right for you. Or you may try something once and think, “this is it. This hobby is my passion.” It all just depends. But there is something out there for everyone, so don’t give up if you’re struggling. And if you’re one of those people who thinks, “I don’t have time for a hobby.” Trust us, you do. Everyone has time for a hobby. The truth is, while many of us have the time, we don’t always know how to make the time.

How to Make Time For a Hobby

The American Time Use Survey, estimated that among the Americans that work full-time, about 80% of their time is spent working, sleeping, and doing household chores. Don’t believe us? Calculate your free time here.

Of course, we know that you have to work to make a living. But taking the time to learn and craft your time management skills can go a long way in your day-to-day activities. Setting aside at least an hour each day for leisure can ultimately help you find the free time you need to begin a new hobby.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, How does one find a hobby they enjoy?

Examples of Different Hobbies

If you’re still struggling with finding a new hobby, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below are various hobbies to help inspire you to choose your stress-free activity.

There are several ways you can find a new hobby. If you like sports, you can join a local sports team. If you’re into crafts, visit your local arts and crafts store. Or, if you’re into painting, look up art classes in your area. Ask your friends, family, or coworkers if they have any hobbies they’d like to share. Get on Pinterest for some inspirational activity boards. The possibilities are endless.

Board games. Board games are an excellent activity for everyone and are ideal for children and teens. They don’t take up that much space, and they’re great at helping you improve your problem-solving skills. Also, there’s a board game championship tournament each year. Who knew?

Cooking. Ok, who doesn’t like to eat? Not only is cooking a great life skill to have, but it’s also a wonderfully therapeutic hobby for people who enjoy it.

Collect Valuables. A popular hobby is collecting valuables. A few popular valuables that many hobby collectors seek out are baseball cards, figurines, comic books, wine, or stamps.

DIY Crafts. Like scrapbooking or making jewelry from colorful beads? Visit your local arts and crafts store, and who knows, you might have an Etsy store in your future.

Exercise. People often wonder if exercise can be a hobby. And the answer is yes, of course, it can. If you enjoy it, it’s a hobby. Weight lifting, yoga, Pilates, and meditation are all great hobbies that increase physical activity and improve your mental health.

Hiking. Enjoy the outdoors? Consider taking on trekking or rock climbing as a daily activity. Look up hikes/climbs in your area, get outside, and let nature work its magic on you.

Jigsaw Puzzles. Another calming, low-stress hobby is doing jigsaw puzzles. Puzzles come in various shapes and sizes and can even be wall art.

Journaling. Writing of any kind is good for your mental health. If you enjoy writing, try journaling as a hobby. It may even lead to a freelance writing career.

Knitting. Want something calm and relaxing? Something you can do in the house? Try taking up knitting or crocheting. You can watch YouTube videos to help you learn how to do it.

Painting. Coloring, painting, or pottery is calming and medicinal for those who partake in it. It can also lead to a teaching business or selling fine art.

Photography. Having a photography hobby can take you around the world if you let it. There are so many fun and unique opportunities one can do with photography. It’s a great skill to hone, and it doesn’t take up much of your time.

Sports. Sports are a great hobby that can start in grade school. But don’t worry, if you didn’t play sports in school, you can still get out and play by going to your local recreational center or joining a local league.

Managing Your Hobby

So you’ve found a hobby, congratulations! Now it’s time to get yourself organized so that you can enjoy your new activity to the fullest when the time comes.

How to Make Space For a Hobby

Whether you’ve picked an indoor or outdoor activity, you should have a designated space in your house for your things. You want to keep your hobby contained and organized so that it’s easy to access and doesn’t get lost or misplaced.

If you picked an extensive activity that needs a lot of gear, and you’re privileged enough to have an extra room in your house, consider keeping your things in there. Or, if you picked a small hobby, you could keep your stuff in a storage box or an empty cabinet.

Wherever you place your things, make sure they’re organized and easy to reach. It’s also good to note here that you don’t need to go out and spend a lot of money to start a new hobby. If you have the means to do so, that’s great, but it’s unnecessary. You can start where you are and grow from there.

Make the Most of Your Hobby

Hobbies are fun, easy to handle, and stress-free actives that you can do in your free time. It’s best to keep them to a minimum, one or two max, so that you can get the full benefits of them and enjoy them to the fullest.

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