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Freelancing from Home: How to Get Started

Everything you need to know before you start your freelancing journey

Freelancing is a form of self-employment that allows you to work whenever you want, wherever you want. Sounds good?

Many people are turning their hobbies into money by offering their skills professionally. Not only can this greatly benefit your finances, it also allows you to work from home, and can make your hobby into a career. Speaking of a dream job!

If you are ready to put your skills to use in a way that will benefit you, freelancing may be the way to go!

How to set the right expectations

Building a successful freelancing career isn’t done overnight. Like any business, it takes time to build your business, skillset, and professional network. Even if you are the best writer in town, you won’t get any work if your clients can’t find you.

Why is freelancing so popular?

Many freelancers are selling a skill that they enjoy doing. Besides being able to do what you love, freelancing also allows for flexibility. In many cases, freelancers can choose their own work hours and location. 86% of freelancers typically work from home.

Freelancing comes with a lot of freedom. 84% of full-time freelancers say their work lets them live the lifestyle they want.
Besides the flexibility of freelance work, the majority of freelancers say they made more money freelancing than they did by working for an employer within one year.

How to start your freelancing career from home

Now that you know a little bit more about what makes freelancing so attractive, you need to decide whether it’s the right thing for you. If your answer is yes, let’s get into the steps to get started!

1. Identify which skills you want to offer

Some common types of freelance work are:

  • Developer, web development
  • Designer, graphic design
  • Photographer, videography
  • Writer, copy writing
  • Translator, interpreting

If you’re having trouble identifying a skill that others may be interested in, do a quick search online. Or check out our article : How to Turn Your Knowledge Into Income

2. Find a platform

Now that you have identified what type of freelance work you are wanting to do, you need to find a platform where you can offer you skill and ideally: sell it!

The Symposium app helps you to promote and live stream your talents free of cost, and allows you to reach a large number of people at once through a live stream.

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3. Build your profile

Create a clear profile of who you are and what you are looking for. Include your work experience, the type of work you offer, and determine your price.

4. Find work!

This can be done passively, waiting for clients to contact you, or by actively reaching out to find work. Don’t forget: building good relationships with your clients is important, as it can help set you up for long-term work relations and success!

Bonus tip:

In the ever changing world, it is important to stay on top of your field and ahead of your competition. Make sure you continue learning about the field you’re woking in (or wanting to work in) and keep on polishing your skillset.

Ready for success?

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