College Athletes | Making Money | NCAA

NCAA started using NIL ratings for college institutions
For the first time in history, college athletes can make money off their hard work.

Earlier this year, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) officially started using NIL ratings for college institutions. The rating system was proposed after NIL NCAA rules were suggested, but hard to implement. …

Freelance | Money

Freelancer setting her rates with a client on the phone
Freelancers have the secret to making tons of money — they just need an easy way to figure out what their rates should be.

You’ve finally decided to take matters into your own hands and become a freelancer. Great! But before you can start making money, you need to set your freelance rate.

There are two types of rates:

  1. Pay per service (PPS)
  2. An hourly rate

You must have clear prices before you start…

Making Money | Entrepreneurship | College

All you need to get started is a profitable business idea that works with the resources you’ve got.

As a college student, you may have to pinch every penny to make ends meet. Going to classes, doing homework, preparing for exams, writing papers; being a student is a full time job! But somehow, you also need to pay tuition fees, rent, study materials, and groceries, all the while…

College Athletes | Earning Money | Small Business

Student-athletes can finally earn money for the commercial use of their name, image, and likeness.

“Tradition alone cannot justify the NCAA’s decision to build a massive money-raising enterprise on the backs of student-athletes who are not fairly compensated”- Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh in the concurring opinion.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) had this coming. Their historical practice of limiting college athletes from making money…

Marketing | Small Business

Marketing tips for small businesses
Marketing strategy is key to the success of any small business.

You know you need to market your small business business, but where do you start? What’s the best way to go about it? This blog post will help answer that question and offer 14 of the best small business marketing ideas and tips that won’t cost a fortune.

When production…

College Life | Making Money

As a student, there are many ways to make extra cash.

For many students, college is an opportunity to explore different opportunities and find their place, but college isn’t cheap. If you’re in college in 2021, scholarships and grants won’t usually cover the full cost of your education — which means you need to find other ways to make money in…

EntrapGoal Setting | Achieve Success

Setting goals based on the “SMART” format is a pretty novel idea. It was first mentioned in 1981 by George T. Doran, a consultant, an executive at the Washington Water Power Company. …

Entrepreneurship | Online Business

Entrepreneur thinking of ways to make money online with his small business.

Starting with the basics is essential if you want to make money online. Creating a successful online business is possible if you understand how to go about it right. Imagine being able to create an unlimited amount of income from your business online.

The following business basics will give you…

Learning | Personal Development

To stay current with the latest developments in business and other fields, you have to keep learning. This article shares five simple and enjoyable ways to increase you knowledge and abilities no matter who you are.

The idea that learning and education end when you get your diploma is a…

Freelancing | Entrepreneurship

Freelancing is a form of self-employment that allows you to work whenever you want, wherever you want. Sounds good?

Many people are turning their hobbies into money by offering their skills professionally. Not only can this greatly benefit your finances, it also allows you to work from home, and can…


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